About Us

The world without photography will be meaningless to us.

Malhotra Color Lab

Malhotra Color Lab. is a photography service based in Delhi which specializes in providing magnificent wedding images. Getting your picture taken for any event is nerve-wracking, especially if you are camera shy. Then your wedding photo session is beyond words, and you need someone professional and amiable to make you feel comfortable and get you beautiful, timeless pictures. They will aim to fulfill all your wishes and ensure to provide best in class services so that your wedding and all its other related functions can be much more special and memorable with happy memories to cherish for life.

Service Offered

Malhotra Color Lab will be at your service, anywhere you want, with its team of talented professionals to capture all the fun, glittering and emotionally charged moments of your event. Nothing will be missed, whether it is the wedding details or the stolen glances of the couple, everything will be documented with quality, creativity, and absolute care. They can provide their services for a variety of occasions which can range from your pre-wedding, wedding, to post-wedding functions